The Way it Was and The Way it Will Be [Comic]

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  1. I think people fail to comprehend the situation in the comic. It's an OLD MAN talking to his grandson. I do believe the old man is supposed to represent the generation that's having kids right now.

  2. Well… I must be the old man. I remember what it was like to live in a small town and having to order games through the mail. I had a contract with some company that sent me a new game once a month :) I still remember when I received Doom 2, and later, Quake :). I now use a steam account, and I have recently set my son up with one. So much easier!

  3. I remember when there were no video games. I remember playing Legend of the Red Dragon and a few other text-adventures on BBS and playing Pong on the Atari, and those were the only games you could get.

  4. I mostly like how Serif fonts are associated with the past and we are moving towards a bright Sans Serif future! (Not a gamer but a typography enthusiast) :)

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