One-Minute Physics: Schrödinger’s Cat [Video]

Schrödinger’s cat is a famous thought experiment designed to explain the application of quantum mechanics to everyday objects (or, um, animals). It’s fairly well-known but not always clearly understood, and that’s where Henry Reich from MinutePhysics comes in to help.

[New Scientist]


4 Responses to One-Minute Physics: Schrödinger’s Cat [Video]

  1. This is terrible. Shouldn't an explanation of this thought experiment at least be pointed out as a mockery of the Copenhagen Theory? That's all it is in reality. All the physicists of the Copenhagen Theory decided that until observed, all things exist in a superposition and that the act of observation and measurement is what collapses the possibilities into a single reality. The "Scientists" refused to even acknowledge where quantum particles were while not being observed. Basically put, if a tree falls in a forest and no scientist is there to measure it, it hasn't fallen and yet it has, point being that it's insignificant until observed. Schrödinger mocked them by creating a thought experiment that is a reductium ad absurdio. To try to understand this experiment as a reality is crazy, and today, most physicists don't accept the Copenhagen theory at all… Thank you Chad Orzel!

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