18 Things You Should Know about Genetics [Video]

Whether you know next to nothing about DNA or if you’re just in need of a little brush-up, this video can help you out. If you’re really lost, check out A Brief Introduction to Genetics, also from David Murawsky.

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics is an animated film that presents fundamental background information about genetics, as well as offering some quirky but interesting facts about DNA, genes and genetics. It was created to be an upbeat, fun educational short film to initiate and draw interest to this sometimes daunting and seemingly complex subject matter.

Narration: Sarah Henriques



4 Responses to 18 Things You Should Know about Genetics [Video]

  1. Actually, I didn't really learn anything from this, and as a computer science student I guess I'm not quite an expert no this.
    Well I forgot the names of the chemicals, but that are rather unimportant details I think.

  2. Great video. My only annoyance is that it's wrong about needing 3GB of storage, it would only take 1.53MB. One of four possible nucleobases needs 2 bits of storage, so a base pair needs 4 bits of storage. 3,200,000 base pairs means 1,600,000 bytes, 1,562.5 kilobytes, or 1.53 megabytes would be needed.

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