New Facebook Rage [Comic]

This is pretty much what happens each time Facebook decides to make some changes to to their interface.

[Endless Origami]


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  1. it pissed off about 10 of my closer friends. They have already closed their FB accounts and started on G+. Now need both to keep up on my friends…..very annoying!

  2. This may be more or less true, but it doesn't excuse the nonsense. Sometimes fb changes are cosmetic: annoying, but not bad once you're used to them. Other times the changes are more problematic, increasing privacy concerns, etc.

    • I consider this one to be a privacy issue, with the new sidebar that tells everyone exactly what you've been doing the instant you do it. Just because I comment on one friend's status doesn't mean I want all 185 other people to know exactly what I said.

      There there's the fact that I had to go through and change all of my privacy settings again.

  3. The only thing that pisses me off about the changes to FB (and this seems to happen every time it changes) is that my privacy settings all revert back to the public default, meaning I have to change them all again. And FB doesn't bother to mention that this happens. It's almost like they're hoping no one will notice. Change if you must, but at least have the courtesy to let users know that their privacy settings are going to be screwed up.

  4. the thing I really don't like (i'm pretty darn sure Facebook didn't do it before) is that now when you tag your friends in pictures, their friends can comment your pictures too and you can't do anything about it. I can comment on other people's pictures when my friends are tagged in their albums. has anyone found a setting for that yet? The "how tags work" part under Privacy isn't really any help. at least by the way it's written I don't think it's going to help me do what I want.

  5. The thing about this is that until Google+ arose, FB pretty much had a monopoly (since myspace was already dying) so people had a Hobson's choice — do what FB wanted or do without. I am on both G and FB, and it sucks to have to update two streams but there you are. But now, at least, people do have the option to switch (although most won't because all of their contacts are on FB, at least they can.) What irks me about FB's constant changes is that it keeps screwing around with the privacy features and making things so confusing that many of its new core users (moms and grandma's — no slur there, I'm a mom and could certainly be a grandma in a couple years) are simply overwhelmed and so let FB strip away any privacy they ever had there. Now, obviously, a free service has to make money and I get that FB needs to sell the aggregated demographic data in order to prosper — it's just that they're doing it in an underhanded way by its constant "upgrades."

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