Neuroscience as Art [Gallery]

Grad student-turned-visual artist Greg Dunn studies neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he creates these almost-landscape prints of neurons–extreme close-ups of the hippocampus, retinas and plant-like pyramidals.

You can find (and purchase) more of Greg Dunn’s work on his website, including these along with some actual landscapes with real trees and flowers, if neurons aren’t your thing.



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  1. I can identify most of these from the pictures. Such as the pyramidal and purkinje cells and the hippocampus. They played a big part in my studies of "human nature".

      • They do look like that; or maybe some kind of squid. What I tried to remember when I looked at these was how to differentiate rods from cones in the retinal ganglion cells. Or as I recall purkinje cells are implicated in mirror neuron systems.

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