Facebook users: Not even the English(UK) can save you now.

If you’re wondering why ENGLISH UK was trending on Twitter, it’s because the word was spreading as to how to revert back to the previous version of Facebook before a new set of changes were rolled out less than a day ago. For whatever reason, users who had their languages set to “English(UK)” were still seeing the old design – prompting a whole lot of people annoyed with the new design to decide they wanted to start seeing their social network alerts in the Queen’s English. (Apparently this was also the case for most every language but “English(US)”.)

This was a short-lived solution, however, because though it still seems to be working for some people, it’s not for others (including me). So if you hate the new Facebook design, you’re stuck with it.

There are two major differences in the new style. First, the “News” and “Most Recent” feeds have been conflated, essentially boiling down to a few “top stories” at the top of the feed, followed by all the rest in chronological order below. And second, there’s now a box in the upper righthand corner of all of your friends’ most recent activities. This is the third big change that Facebook has rolled out in less than two weeks, including a “lists” feature that seems a lot like Google+ circles. Interestingly, the timing corresponds to Google+ going public (no more invites needed).

The major complaint to the latest Facebook change seems to be that many users don’t want Facebook deciding who and what are most important to them. Fair enough, and I almost wonder if it might be helpful for their algorithm to have some personal training, rather like marking spam in an email account.

In the end, we’ve seen this before. (1) Social network makes changes; (2) Everyone freaks out because they don’t like change; (3) Everyone keeps using it anyway because it’s too much effort to go elsewhere; (4) Complaints die down and everyone gets used to it. And then there’s a change to that, and the cycle starts all over again.

Roll call: Who’s using Facebook vs Google+ these days? Both? Neither? And if you haven’t checked out Google+ yet, again, now is the time to sign up!

Image: Facebook button count is wrong, use RealShare / birgerking / CC BY 2.0


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  1. I'd switch to Google+, except that out of my 200 friends in Facebook, only about 10 of them have Google+ accounts, and of those 10 only one seems to be active. Maybe that will change now that there is a viable alternative to Facebook combined with an unpopular Facebook change. (I do have a Google+ account, but there isn't as much reason for me to spend much time there yet.) A social network isn't much fun if there isn't anyone to be social with.

  2. Failbook? G+? Meh.

    Identi.ca had an update over the last weekend, now that's a social service for geeks if I ever saw one ;-).

  3. i remember a now "dead" platform that used to change its design just before its death.. and its design change was one of the reasons why it went down.
    i am not pro FB so i would't be to disappointed if it would share myspaces missfortune.

  4. I'm on the G+ and have been since the invite stage started. I personally like them both and as I use them for very different things I'll keep using them both. The one that G+ inspired me to drop was Twitter, I have been slowing down my twitter usage and with G+ now public the urge to go to twitter is nonexistent.

    • Exactly. ALL Fb did was make them a little more "prevalent" with the auto lists, and adding some sort of priority to the existence of them by adding them to the left sidebar.

  5. I'm just crossing my fingers that the new changes are vile enough to drive the people I care about to G+ so I can delete my facebook without feeling like I'm missing out on everything. :P

  6. that's because no one gives official feedback! everyone just bitches in their status.. but are you so conceited that you think there's someone being paid to personally read your every update? it's far more likely they have an automated process that mines your posts for data.

    if you want a change (like I'd like to be able to turn off this top news feature and just see everything in the order it was posted in – and btw, if you unmark it as top news it gets removed from your news feed entirely as if you had hidden it) then give official feedback about it. the link to give feedback about it is at the bottom of the page on this page of the help center: https://www.facebook.com/help?page=18971255776813… …so now you have no excuse for being to lazy to give them feedback, since I just gave you the link so you won't even have to look for it.

  7. I have never had a facebook account — I first heard about it in connection with privacy problems, and nothing I've seen since has encouraged me to believe anything had findamentally changed there — but I have been using G+ since the first week of July. On the whole I *love* the way it works — it combines the immediacy of Twitter with the easily-customizable privacy of LiveJournal — but sadly, Google's ridiculously restrictive names policy will probably drive me away from G+ before another month is out.

  8. been posting on both, hoping my friends will make the switch. honestly feel confused and assaulted by the onslaught of crap coming at me on the new FB page so been avoiding it all day.

  9. At 36 years old and a professional vocalist it will suck, but I will be cancelling all social networking websites. It's going to be difficult readjusting, and not knowing what good friends are up to, as I use fb approx 3 hours a day. This time the people at FB went a little too far.

  10. Developers call this push back and Casey is exactly right “(1) Social network makes changes; (2) Everyone freaks out because they don’t like change; (3) Everyone keeps using it anyway because it’s too much effort ……” The cycle will continue in any application environment as long as they exist. Unless the app is Centipede… and im sure there are people codeing mods of that as we speak.

  11. I have accounts at both sites. I'm hoping that more of my friends (true friends that I actually know and care about) join G+ now that it's public. I like G+'s simplicity…which I'm sure will morph into Facebook's ADD on steroids layout in a year or two. But hopefully by then there will be something new and simple.

  12. I'am from Austria and the changes just kicked in 2 days ago and, in my opinion, this new approach isnt working. the website isnt useable anymore. Seconds after a tried to understand it, I decided to not use facebook anymore, like I used it before. Meaning, that I'll just be using the message feature and nothing else. maybe I'll switch to +..

  13. I resisted a lot before joining facebook, lots of friends telling me how awesome it was and stuff… When I finally joined, I did so out if curiosity. The most compelling reason to use it is the huge amount of people who also use it, other than that, I found it to be kind if crappy. One year after joining, in the exact day (August 2nd, 2011) I deactivated my account, and invited my friends to do the same… there were people appealing to my sanity and claiming that my social life was sure tio die after doing such thing, it was a lot of fun, much more than joining :)
    The case is, yes lots of people complain, some people are even worried about how much time they waste in fb, but still they hold on to their precious accounts like they have no other choice.
    About a month ago I received a google+ invitation, joined and I’ve been happy about it, don’t know if it will last, but for the moment I’m not considering to quit.

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