E-Ink Technology Explained & Color E-Ink [Video]

In the following video, Sriram Peruvemba, vice president of marketing at Eink, explains how the technology behind E-Ink displays actually work. He then goes on to talk about future developments in the technology. Check it out:



3 Responses to E-Ink Technology Explained & Color E-Ink [Video]

  1. Man, it's pretty awesome to see what's going on with e-ink technology. I'm really looking forward to see how far it'll go.

    You know what *I* would like to see? E-ink and Wacom combination. Think about the new pen they're making. What about if they made a wireless sketch-pad that you could use over and over again? I dunno, I think it's a cool idea. x3

    • like those magnetic drawing boards for kids? or static. not sure exactly how they work.. but I think it's magnetic. then you swipe them (but in the case of the e ink it would just be a button) to erase :D

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