CW’s Beauty and the Beast reboot: How bad can it be?

File away under possible future geeky TV: The CW is rebooting Beauty and the Beast.

I’m talking the original TV show, the Linda Hamilton classic that touted an obsessive fan following in the eighties. Here’s their pitch: the CW version “will not only modernize and CW-up the love story but also add a procedural twist.” Vampire Diaries meets Law & Order?  Though of course after seeing last night’s premiere of The Secret Circle I can’t help but fear that they’ll just set it in high school instead.

And even though I have a soft spot for the CW – hey, I’m a huge fan of Supernatural – here is what I’m picturing for this reboot:

After her parents’ divorce, Cathy Chandler moves to New York City to live with her father and attend an exclusive private school. Immediately teased by a group of mean girls because even though she’s beautiful, she likes to read books, Cathy’s lack of fitting in takes an even more dangerous turn when she is run down by some football players drunk driving. Left on the side of the road, Cathy is near death when she’s discovered by Vinnie, a hairy-yet-hot boy who takes her to a secret underground high school full of teenage outcasts who can’t fit into society. When she returns to the surface, she finds herself wanting to make a real difference in her school and make it safe for people like Vinnie, so she decides to run for class president and makes an enemy of the head cheerleader… whose boyfriend seems to have eyes for Cathy as well, and she finds herself having to choose between him and the enigmatic Vinnie whom she can now only communicate with via Facebook.

Starring Miley Cyrus as Cathy and Ed Westwick as Vinnie.

And somewhere there was the sound of a million B&B fangirls waking from stasis and shouting, “NOOOOOOOOOO.”


11 Responses to CW’s Beauty and the Beast reboot: How bad can it be?

  1. i will murder if this happens…….god if they remake this DO IT RIGHT……..and it better not be in High school….next thing we know there will be musical numbers that rip off Disney as well…..

  2. And there is a huge fandom still alive and well who are all screaming a collective NOOOOOOOOOOOO! because we are very much afraid your synopsis of the show will prove to be oh so true!

  3. -I'm trying to think positively! -Any re-make will never have the magic the original did, but I'm hoping a new one will at least have a happy ending for the couple -TPTB are planning this re-make with or without 'our' permission, so let's all just send positive vibes & hope for the best!

    • There's also that 'procedural twist' they mentioned -Catherine's job may change to being more involved w/crime first hand like an investigator -so I'm a bit more confident the characters will be adults -I hope!!!

  4. From the pilot script I've read this reboot is definitely not like the original -It should not have been promoted as such -While it is a beauty & beast type themed show, they shouldn't have named the main characters Catherine & Vincent -I had high hopes for a B&B remake, but I wanted it to be more like the original with all the romance & fantasy -I see none of that in this reboot, especially with the character of Vincent, who was once a unique, mysterious being with a gentle soul -Now he'll be a genetically altered hairy human super soldier? -I honestly thought the script was a joke & not authentic -I am truly disappointed that it was true

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