Axe Killer Animatronic Door [Video]

Even though Halloween is more than a month away, I couldn’t resist posting this absolutely amazing animatronic door by Etsy user 999deadpatricia.

Comes with :

The prop door, electronics, DTMF decoder,the values,the cylinders, the pneumatics, 22 inch LCD monitor and the AXE KILLER dvd video from hirez designs. come with everything ready to work.just add speakers.does not come with the light lamp on the top of the door.

[Axe killer ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House prop | Via Technabob]

2 Responses to Axe Killer Animatronic Door [Video]

  1. These door are sick. I worked for the Haunted Hotel in San Diego for a few years, and we had one in one of our rooms. But it was a chick with an ax, way fuckin cool props.

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