Facebook and Twitter Team Up

Facebook was quick to respond to the flight of people over to Google+ when it launched, with a new feature that easily targets what groups can see your status updates. Now the social media giant has teamed up with Twitter in a move to block out Google’s attempt at getting a foothold in the market.

It’s not a super new feature, as people with “fan pages” have been able to link their Facebook and Twitter accounts in the past.  But they are making steps to link your two accounts together. It’s all part of Facebook’s new Subscriber function.

The new feature will launch sometime this month.  There seems to be some confusion on news sites if this will strictly be for people with Public Pages, or if the regular Facebook user can link their personal account to Twitter as well.  According to documentation from Facebook, you will be able to link a “profile or Page” to your Twitter!

You can check out all the new things Facebook plans to roll out in their Public Figure Subscriptions here: https://developers.facebook.com/attachment/Subscriptions_PublicFigures_final.pdf/


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  1. To be fair, they didn't actually launch the feature allowing you to choose who can see your status updates. That's been around for quite some time. They did, however, make it far more intuitive and simple, by including appropriate groups in the privacy dropdown menu.

  2. Jacob – I know I've been utilizing my group function for some time, but it really was a pain to manage! Though you are correct, the ability has been there, it's just more refined. Most of my friends had no idea it existed though, and I am enjoying seeing the G+ versus FB rants on my friends pages :)

    I'm also really enjoying most of the new FB updates, though the update to my Android app makes me want to throw my phone across the room.

  3. Subscriptions have already been turned on for many users. I have been using it for a couple days myself. As for Twitter, you've been able to link any page or profile to Twitter for some time. That's not anything new. facebook.com/twitter

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