Windows 1.0 vs. Windows 8 [Picture]

Yep, looks about right to me!


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  1. ugh – Windows 8 is being developed to work for two platforms at once; tablets and Desktops/Laptops.
    It's no secrete that Microsoft is horrible at advertising their work. They're showing off the Metro theme so much because they want to make it clear that they are making a full blown Tablet OS (rather than the excuses for OS that Android and iOS are).
    They don't realize that they are, once again, putting the cart before the horse. They are showing off the tablet side, when the market share for tablets is still miniscule (compared to desktop/laptop market); they're not showing you the Desktop/Laptop interface that 8 has (that looks pretty much exactly like Windows 7). The tablet market will show up after Windows 8 is released, and then they'll be able to show off that side of Windows 8 – but right now they need to show off the desktop/laptop side, to show people it's not some tablet Os that they're trying to pass off as a Desktop/laptop OS.

    • I’d have to agree. they need to show off the desktop side.. all I’ve seen was the above which looks like a paint colour swatch shat on a computer screen.

      • I have to disagree – I saw a video for the desktop side 6+ months ago. This is very ‘standard’ and you can switch between views – Theres really not that much to show off – the table view is compatible fully compatible with a PC and mouse manuvering – this is the real difference and plunge into the future, but this is not what people will be comfortable with.

    • sure… and it results in dumb comments like this image. "no freely sizable movable windows" is just dumb. they have not installed it… they are simply looking at the advertising material and seeing the tablet interface as the only interface. click the desktop and, wow… look at that! a standard windows app! show me a sizable movable window on the iPad?

      just looking for a reason to make fun of MS rather than doing an objective review.

  2. I love how everyone has to get their panties in a bunch over something as simple as a funny comment. Whether it is meant as being serious or sarcasm, my guess is the latter, there is no reason to get all pissed off and rant and rave about how the author didn't even install it. Sometimes, for the purpose of entertainment, you have to take things at face value and not look too deeply into them. That being said, I thought the comparison was very witty.

    • Unfortunatly thats the point – no matter how much you hate Microsoft or windows this comparison is not funny, not witty and not even correct

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