Ask [GaS]: What is Your Superhero Name?

Since we’re Friday afternoon, and by now, I’m pretty sure most of you are bored senseless of your work week, let’s all play a little game, mmmkay?

1- Write down the color of your top
2- Then add the first object you see to your right next to it (apart from your mouse, please)

This is your superhero name.

I’m the Red Teddybear, Ph34r M3.

What’s yours? :)



240 Responses to Ask [GaS]: What is Your Superhero Name?

  1. The Yellow-Doggy Wine.
    My t-shirt is yellow with a dog green-sunglass-wearing hula-hoop-playing while groveling…

  2. Criminals and ne'er-do-wells flee in terror at the mere mention of…The Olive-Drab Flip Flop!

    Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuun….

  3. Beware the Black Emery Board! I will file away the… nail of evil? Ah well, it's better than it could have been. If it had been the object to the left, I would have been the Black Hebrew Textbook. (Also, whoever mentioned it above, I think you're right, as a group, we wear too much black.)

  4. Beware, evildoers… I am the Black Printer! I will not stop until all evil faxes have been intercepted and deleted.

  5. Mwahahaha, I am… The Black Lighter! Watch as I bring light to the darkness in the hearts of villains and ne'er-do-wells! Or maybe it's bring darkness to the light hearts of heroes and goody-two-shoes? o_O

  6. The Plaid Lighter, eh? (or Multicolored Lighter if you're a purist, or Plaid Cat if you count animate objects… which in this case I would prefer to.)

  7. All hail The Black Copier/Printer/Fax Machine. Um…nevermind the "all hail". That's just not very intimidating.

  8. Is it bird? Is it a plane???
    No… It's the white water bottle… Or white bottle…

    Whatever, either is lame :(

  9. The White Backpack (or White Lowepro?). Armed with my belt-of-many-gadgets (yes really) and my trusty pack containing netbook, DSLR and lunch, My name inflicts terror on all technical glitches and wireless networking issues within my realm.

  10. ha mine is most awesome unlike most of you i am not in the house but in the garage LOL. I am the BLACK HAMMER! I will nail all evil doers to the wall. —– so lame :(

  11. Blue Cup and it's a large one too, which is funny because I've been playing Adventure Game Studio games for the last few hours. some of you will get that right away, I suspect.

  12. Fear me, for I am Blue Control, and I will shut off evil and crank the volume on RAK's until the world is a better place! Okay, maybe I should work on the tag line a bit…

  13. Have trouble with a running nose? The BLACK KLEENEX will help you! Just have to blow my nose first, wait a moment, please…

  14. The Burgundy Tapestry
    I’ll weave you off to safety in no time, we’ll just have to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth…

  15. Enters…. The Black Marlboro! *plays 'dramatic chipmunk' sound-bite*

    Sucks that my superpowers will probably end up killing me though…