What I Think When Someone Uses The Computer [Picture]



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  1. Me: so your sure you need my help with this
    Them: yeah I'm sure I know how to use google
    Me: OK good luck!
    2 Hours later…
    Me: Ok it will take some time but I can kill the virus but the amount of therapy you will need to get Rick Ashton out of your head, thats gona cost you.

  2. Me: Step away from the keyboard! I'd rather watch Richard Simmons for 10 hours then sit here for another minute, watching you attempt to do something on that poor pc there is only so much abuse I can watch.

  3. You shouldn't anger people on the basis of the knowledge you THINK you have, that they contrary do not.
    Hence the text "Why would you using Internet Explorer" makes no sense. It implies that IE is bad, thus the spokesmen is clueless in Software Engineering, thus making the whole statement lose its meaning.

    • It does not say, ""Why would you using Internet Explorer,'" it says, "Why would you use Internet Explorer?" The question itself does make perfect sense. Every true geek I know does not use IE simply because it is much slower than most other browsers, clunky and the buttons are so unintutively placed it isn't funny. On top of all that you get some damn good plugins and add-ons with other browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc.) What few IE has out there none I've heard are worth their weight in dung as well as most of them cost you money. Not worth it.

  4. oh yes.. I take three online courses, so this is every day. I get impatient looking at other people doing all this. If they force us to take a keyboarding class in school, we could at least learn to type right and use a few shortcuts. especially tab for changing text boxes, cut, copy, paste, select all, and find. I still mostly peck at top row numbers when entering a lot of digits but recently I've been using the keypad when on a desktop and it's not hard at all. we just never got to that section in keyboarding and I own a notebook without the keypad on the side.. ah or maybe its the whole qwerty thing being wrong for a few individuals? I've read about some people that really prefer using dvorak. or just complete disinterest for anything tech and the chorus of groans because learning is so painful…

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