Damn You Dell! Damn You!!! [Pic]

If you’ve ever worked on those old Optiplex GX PCs, looking at this pic will probably make you start frothing at the mouth.

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  1. Oh yeah. Those suck big time.

    Someone decided it was just easier to lay them on their side on a shelf above the monitor and then you have no trouble using the USB ports.

  2. Ugh, my college STILL has those old bastards in the Networking Lab…yet the fucking automotive lab gets nice new comps with quad cores, while those of us who know how to actually use a computer get a celeron….

  3. I STILL have this computer. I hate having to use the USB ports on it… It's almost easier to turn the whole thing around and plug it in in the back!

  4. My work computer is one of these and it has to sit on the floor because there is not enough desk space. I hate it with the fires of four hells. I ended up buying a USB extender cable and running it up to the top of the dest through the cable hole in my desktop. Best solution I have come up with.

  5. most of those old dells have that stupid port placement in the front. they're too close together and usb drives get stuck against the backing so you have to shimmy it out. newer ones have a normal port opening that's just flat and out in the open. not under a little door.

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