696 Superheroes [Pics]

It seems that Flickr user Ty Lettau has a lot of free time on his hands because he actually took the time to draw 696 superheroes, some in 8-bit and others in 16-bit-style. You can check out the whole collection on his flickr page right here.

[Source: Ty Lettau | Via Geek Tyrant]

8 Responses to 696 Superheroes [Pics]

  1. Even the count is wrong. many are duplicated because some characters are included in a group category (eg: Avengers / JLA) and then again in their own category. Batman, Superman and Spider-man are perfect examples.

  2. All of them might be counted as heroes but, that's one hard work out there. You even need to look far away from your computer screen to recognize the characters, that's how you create characters with just pixels or squares. Tough one!

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