Dot Matrix Water Printer [Video]

A water clock at the Osaka station in Osaka city. Enjoy!


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  1. I WANT one!……I'd love to have one that I could experiment with different lighting effects in combination with the water effects. I wonder if one could be constructed to a table top size, a display area about the size of this VAIO I'm using right now would be cool…..pumps reservoirs, nozzles, computational space above below and behind….say a 30 to 36 inch cube, fit it in an old console TV cabinet. Place a flat screen monitor in front of it and show the 3 Stooges short from the 1940's where they are inept plumbers and hook the water into the electric conduits, and the rich woman goes to show off her brand new TV with a broadcast of Niagara Falls, and of course the water bursts forth from the screeen….then raise it out of the way to showcase the water clock!……coooool!

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