The Spandex Awards: The Best and Worst of Summer Superhero Films

The summer film season is over and thankfully, so is the seemingly endless stream of superhero movies. Sure, they weren’t all that bad, but they weren’t all that good, either. (Looking at you, Ryan Reynolds.)

NPR’s Glen Weldon has assembled the Spandex Awards to rank this year’s comics-inspired movies into best and worst–but it’s not exactly that straightforward. “Best Villain” and “Worst Costume” are included, of course, but so areĀ “Most Assiduously Faithful to its Source Material” and “Best Use of an Al Gore Ex-Roommate.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to maybe the worst movie season ever, and there’s even gratuitous “torso musculature.” Yay!

Check out the list of winners(?) on NPR’s Monkey See.