Sometimes I Hate Working in IT [Comic]

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  1. Its IT related because this is the life of an IT guy. Ask a question and receive an answer to a question you didn't ask. This is why the first question you get from an IT guy is "is your computer plugged in?"

  2. Oh yes, I've asked this question a few times and got answers like this or the "I don't know" I just turn it on and use it. I normally ask them to describe the Windows button for me, if it says Start I know it's an old PC then so that can help, but yes this happens a lot.

  3. I need you to know this, i wish i could do a comic with it:

    The other day i received a chat from an Asian user, i cannot explain all the details this should be confidential, on my company as on any other there are processes that have to be followed, i repeat several times to the user that he needed to follow the process to what he answered, and i am quoting here "Procedures are man made and inflexible, we are government servants who thrive on red tape and making things difficult, procedures are dead people are alive!" It was a Chinese user.

  4. I've been trying for years to figure out how this is different than any other profession. Lawyers don't laugh at their clients when they ask to file a patent for a book they've written, nor doctors whose patients think their colon is located in their brain, nor car mechanics whose clients don't know the difference between discs and pads, nor chefs whose customers don't know the difference between parfe or souffle. Etc. Etc. I still love watching Jimmy Fallon as "Nick the computer guy." Now discuss, angry nerds.

    • Haahahaha. Not to your face at least. I know plenty of Chefs that bitch about customer ignorance.
      I know I just got nails on chalkboard to my braincase just imagining someone speaking that much stupid.

  5. wassabi

    I don't remember asking a mechanic to fix my car over the phone or the chef to help me make a souffle over the phone either. That is the difference.

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