Monopoly + Foursquare = Foursquaropoly

In order to bring the board game back to life, we introduce Foursquaropoly, a gaming app which uses Foursquare to make you the game piece and your city the board.

[Foursquaropoly | Via Laughing Squid]


5 Responses to Monopoly + Foursquare = Foursquaropoly

  1. NO NO NO!
    This takes the true fun and social side out of the game turning it into an awful buy/sell profit motivated situation. Not fun and certainly not healthy. Only investment bankers and estate agents are likely to actually enjoy this, although it's playing a game of the life they lead.
    Such a shame as the tech and idea of being able to interact with your friends and home or anywhere, in game format is great. But surely there's more positive, community based and fun games to be made.
    Suggestions anyone?

    Tag, Pacman…
    Ok I'm showing my age here but the point still stands!

    @Henry; Me too, especially with that dingy cityscape!
    @ren; I share your grief. I thought the cd/dvd interactive Monopoly was bad!

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