Bid a bid a bid a bid a bid a bid a bid a bid a… BATMAN!

If you’re obsessed with Batman there’s an eBay listing that will interest you. If you’re obsessed with racing cars, there’s an eBay listing that will interest you. And if you’re obsessed with Batman and racing cars, you should be raiding your savings account right now.

Unfortunately said account will need at least $620,000 if you want to get a bid in for what’s billed as the world’s only turbine-engine Batmobile. The listing suggests that calling it a replica is a stretch as it’s arguable better than the actual props used in the movie. It’s a semi-automatic with a 365 horsepower engine that runs on Jet A, kerosene or diesel.

The seller notes that the vehicle is perfectly drivable on both city streets and highways, saying that neither heat nor noise is a problem and that the ride height is adjustable directly from the cockpit.

The car, which was constructed at a facility that works on professional racing cars, is a replica of the 1989 movie model Batmobile. However, it’s in some ways more technically advanced than that car as it has a 3G-enabled iPad built directly into the dashboard.

If you want to own it, you have until 3:30 Pacific time this afternoon to make an offer or pay the requested $620,000, with full payment required within 7 days. You’ll also have to arrange collection or delivery.

Insuring the vehicle should also make for a fun phone call, though perhaps not as entertaining as that received by comedian Chris Brooker who claims that while working at an insurance call center he was told by a potential customer that he had indeed modified his car, specifically by fitting a flux capacitor. I won’t spoil the punchline by revealing the insurance firm’s alleged response, but I’d be disappointed if none of our readers are able to figure it out!

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