Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay: Day 1 [Gallery]

Yep, another year, another edition of Dragon*Con. As I usually do for big events like this one, I scoured flickr for some of the best CC-Licensed cosplay photography shot during the day and conveniently assembled them in the photo gallery you see below. If you’re currently attending Dragon*Con and wish to share your pictures with us, be sure to hit the contact section on top of the blog and send us your best shots!

Edit: Pictures from Day 2 are now available right here (Click), and the ones from day 3 are available here too. (Click!)

Edit #2: The gallery for day 4 is now available right here.

[Picture Sources: mhaithaca, Dennis from Atlanta, Counse, skarocket7, The Rocketeer, JScarb1992, nate.propes]

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