New Self-Inflating Tire Technology [Video]

Check out this short video showcasing the technology behind the pumptire as well as a prototype demo showing a pressure rise from 22-52psi as the tire is being used.

[Via Neatorama]


6 Responses to New Self-Inflating Tire Technology [Video]

  1. Yeah that little tube doesn't look very strong. And it's like right in the center of your tire where the most wear is — this tire looks to be completely useless after about a month.

  2. I disagree with the previous two comments. I think the design will prevent that problem. However, this looks like a solution in search of a problem. I doubt it will catch on.

  3. I'd be worried about the efficiency hit of something like this. I guess the sort of people who don't check their pressure might be better off with this than a under inflated tire though. Seems like a mechanical pump mounted in the hub would be all around better though.

  4. A mile worth of traveling on a flat tire isn’t exactly a great solution. You could just as easily clip a small air pump to the frame and use that when needed. Its quicker and you only need to make one size pump for any size tire.

  5. Holy Crap has everyone gone crazzie?? F All the people taking down man, Cool idea, Awesome follow through and even better it works!!!! Can you imagine where we would be if these people were around when Bill Gates was in his garage, or when Tesla was in his lab? Screw all the negative people there jealous they can't be creative and are stuck in dead end jobs at Micky D's, and spend there free time with booze and trolling thinking there tough stuff cuz they can talk down to someone on the internet. (Pet rock – Example of not the best idea, tons of $$) PS- didnt subscribe to this so no point in attempting to sound smart with some half assed rebuttal =)


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