Unbelievably Cool Fallout Monopoly Game [Pics]

War never changes, but the Monopoly board does, and this time we’re totally okay with that. GaS reader PinkAxolotl (Elisabeth Redel) made this incredible Fallout Monopoly set for her boyfriend (possibly the luckiest guy ever) as a gift.

The board was printed on a 50 x 50 cm PVC plate. Every street is a location from the Fallout game. “GO” is now “G.O.A.T.” and “free parking” is the “please stand by” screen. Every card has one of the Fallout3 or Fallout New Vegas perks on it and has a really cool old playingcard image on the back.

Here are some closeup shots of the game, cards, and the full board.

(Elisabeth is from Germany, so perhaps you multi-lingual types can verify the text of the cards for us, please?). Great work, Liss, and thanks so much for sharing!

Fallout and all related characters and media are owned by Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company

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