18 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Firefly


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  1. I hope that Joss makes enough money/fame off the Avengers that he can get another Serenity movie or bring back Firefly…

  2. There is no death ray in Dr. Horrible. There's a freeze ray, but its not a death ray, nor an ice beam. That's so Johnny Snow…

  3. I dunno, I love Firefly and Serenity (I watch the series and film at least twice a year) but bringing it back just wouldn't feel right. It's like meeting up with an ex you still love. The feelings are still there but something is just different and awkward.

  4. The 19th thing you didn't know was Firefly was very similar to a show called Starhunter that aired in Canada around 2000-2001.

    • Actually – I collect cancelled and forgotten sci-fi series – and I'd honestly have to say that Starhunter only has SLIGHT similarity at best.

      • I saw a few episodes of Starhunter and agree with Kurt. Very few similarities especially when you consider that Starhunter was about bounty hunters and Firefly was about… well their potential bounties…

  5. @ adrian, I'll have to rewatch, but I'm pretty sure it's only heard when the camera view is from the characters inside the ring as background noise..

  6. As much as I'd love to see something more out of Firefly, the primary actors/actresses have aged in the past decade, and couldn't pick up where they left off. Ten years is a long time to account for in any tv show or movie, unless you change stars, and that would ruin everything, so we're best left with memories of a great season and our loathing of FOX for messing it all up so royally.

    • look up images of Cher 30 years ago and today;
      Alternately look up pictures of Nathan Fillion 10-15 years ago, as opposed to today.

      There's so little difference that movie makeup could make them look exactly the same again.
      Maybe not River, but most of the still living characters, sure.

      • Um, have you seen Nathan lately? He's gained like 30 pounds. Not the trim ex-soldier that he used to be, unfortunately. And he seems good with that, or he'd have gotten off the scale by now.

    • So what if they're older?? Sequels can take place years after the original. Everyone ages, even during a series. Personally, I would love to see where the story picks up ten years in the future…

  7. I loved that series. I've gotten to a point where I only need to see a screenshot from either movie or series and I'd be able to tell you what episode it was from.

  8. The "Han in Carbonite" figure appears visibly in three Episodes; "Shindig", "Jaynestown", and "The Message". That it was in all 14 Episodes is rumored, not fact.

  9. In one of the opening scenes in BSG (the scene in which Laura Roslin is told she has cancer) a firefly class ship is seen through the window flying by. I almost spit my beer out I was so excited when I saw that.

    • Late in answering this, but Firefly was the name of the class of ship Serenity was. It's like for boats you have destroyers, battleships, carriers, etc.

      • Not exactly. Firefly is a specific name for a class of freighter vessels. By your analogy it would be like "Arleigh-Burke" class destroyers.

  10. It's not "The" Serenity, it's just Serenity. Inara even corrects an Alliance officer on this very same mistake in the episode "Bushwacked" (I think it was that episode anyway).

    • Indeed. That was the episode, and I was thinking the exact same thing.

      I have just one more thing to add: Browncoats, unite!!

  11. the other episodes were already made when they cancelled it, and they wouldn't air them. American Browncoats had to watch Canada's Space channel to watch them.

  12. It is not actually incorrect to refer to the ship as the Serenity. Have you never noticed RMS Titanic referred to as the Titanic? Think of a ship name and google it.

  13. Great list of facts,, but FYI… the Alliance was not formed by the US and China merging… at least not directly. Whedon stated in the commentary that the language used in the show (a mixture of Chinese and English) was inspired by what could happen once govt. collapsed and there was a merging of the 2 "big kids on the block" (ie China and the US). This is not the same as the Alliance being formed by the US and China… I'm fairly certain that Russia, the UK, and just about any other 1st world country would notice that and get slightly concerned. :)

  14. Shiny!

    I know most of those things. but there are a few that i don't know. like the Han Solo cameos in the background of each episode, the Power Rangers re-used set, Vera being originally built for Showtime, a copy of Firefly and Serenity being on the international space station and the lab coat that Simon wore also being used in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

  15. 19. My Little Pony reboot creator Lauren Faust wanted to name one of the pegasai Firefly – her favorite from the eighties. However Joss Whedon owned the rights to that name, so Faust had to rename the pony Rainbow Dash.

  16. the capt said to the used spaceship salesman,
    nah im not instrested in that one, whats that one over there?
    why son you dont want that that s an old firefly class freighter, lotsa hiden places on them.only smugglers like em.
    the capt said an old firefly, with a little love and care and a few parts she'll fly forever.
    why yes, yes, i do want that old firefly.

    not to mention 2 special features on a firefly class
    1 a crazy ivan
    2 a fireburst (why did you think shes called a firefly cuz when she lights up her ass she outruns most everything in the black)

    take my money take my land make me where i cannot stand
    i dont know but im still free you cant take the sky from me
    headin out to the black tellem im not comeing back
    burn the land boil the sea you cant take the sky from me
    aint no place id rather be since i found serenity

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