Elaborate In-Game Portal Proposal [Video]

You’d better hurry if you’re aiming to take some sort of geeky-proposal prize; the stakes get higher every week. A companion cube ringbox is so two months ago, and even Sir. Mr. Capt. Picard himself might have a bit of run going for his money in this arena–Gary Hudston is the standing Grand Wizard of all Geek Betrothal Levels:

Hudston hired a skilled developer to create series of custom levels for Portal 2 that his potential betrothed would have to play through. When it heard about his apparently not so secret project, Valve even helped him secure Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, to record original audio.

If that’s not awesome enough to win a  geek over, nothing is. You can enjoy the custom engagement levels yourself, too; check out the video play-through or download the levels at the Gary Hudston Project.



8 Responses to Elaborate In-Game Portal Proposal [Video]

  1. I'm curious to this guy's budget for the project. I'm sure Valve threw their information in for free, but actually hiring McLain for the voice-over must have cost a few bucks, along with 2 level developers.

  2. That right there… is immense. To some people, that sort of thing has no value… But there is more thought, effort and love gone into that, than 90% of the population will ever experience. I Wish them all the best in a long and happy marriage.

  3. He may not even have had to pay Ellen McLain, though, if Valve helped him secure her for the voice. That's HUGE advertisement for the game. They might have just given her to him

  4. No matter how many times I watch this video, I get teary eyed…and I'm not a person who cries very much very often.

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