Zombie Doorstop

This may not put a stop to the Zombie invasion, but at least it’ll keep boredom at bay! Behold the Zombie Doorstop from the NeatoShop. Probably the best doorstop ever made!

[$19.95 @ NeatoShop | More gruesomely awesome Zombie stuff]


6 Responses to Zombie Doorstop

    • Good for you, but not everybody has the time to surf a random web store for things they may or may not need. Not to mention the probably countless people who would like this, yet never heard of NeatoShop. No need to be so cynical.

      • A random web store? Its all over this blog. If you haven't seen it before, you really have to be blind. ;) Seriously, if they have some really cool thing, why not add it to the blog, but it feels as if there were 23 Neatoshop ads everyday. In addition to all the regular ads… Its kind of annoying. I mean, even a blog needs some sponsors to make money and stuff but then please mark it as an advertisment and don't pretend this is oh so interesting. It's the same with amazon. Doesn'T the USA have a behaviour codex for the press? We do in Germany…

        • We keep one neatoshop post per 2 days… it's not all that invasive, plus, the store owner is a good friend of mine, and the store has some amazing stuff…

          As for the Amazon daily deal, it's something I hunt for every day. I provide the service to readers, and I get a small cut out of the sales. This site is my only job. I have to make a living too you know….

        • As I said, I do absolutely appreciate that you have to make money with this and I even disabled my Adblock to support you. But still, all this stuff with Neatoshop and Amazon… its just advertisment. It's no "real editorial" content. We don't need to discuss this, I think. So I would think it a good idea to mark it as that.

        • I'll have the person who post neatoshop posts slack down.. as for Amazon, I'll keep posting them everyday. Finding great deals is a lot of work and I know for a fact that lots of users appreciate the service.

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