Featured Short – Portal: No Escape [Video]

Portal: No Escape is a high-quality fanfilm that introduces Chell (Danielle Rayne) to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Visual Effects by Jon Chesson, Matte Painting by Maxx Burman.

[superpunch via Laughing Squid]

6 Responses to Featured Short – Portal: No Escape [Video]

  1. I feel like this video is a massive piece of fail. Yeah it looks great, has good atmosphere and is well shot but it's lacking everything that makes Portal Great. Portal's gun was the draw of the first game that got people playing. What kept people playing was the humor, the story and character of GlaDos. Remove that and what do you have? An angry chick? No thanks.

    Also I don't picture Chell acting like this. I don't see her as an angry violent, temperamental person. Through the actions you go through in playing the games, violence is never one of them and anger definitely isn't. The ending is great, but she'd move past it quickly and wouldn't get all defeated about it.

  2. Cool effects, but "meh" video.. had nothing very "aperture" about it – and seriously, they couldn't even dress her in Aperture clothing? How much can an orange jumpsuit cost?

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