Legotron Mark I: a Functional Large-Format LEGO Camera

Behold, the Legotron, Mark I – a 4×5 Camera made of LEGO bricks. Cary Norton out this bad boy together (here’s an in-detail post that gives the how), and these are the basic specs:

  • I have no clue how many pieces are in this camera
  • It’s dimensions are roughly 7?x6.5?x7?
  • The main parts are a Main box, internal box, film holder/ground glass slot, lens board, lens.
  • The lens is a 127mm ƒ4.7 I got on ebay for ~40 dollars
  • The lensboard is two Plates deep and fits perfectly in the slot I built for it (though, I cut it down to one plate in the center to actually mount the lens).
  • Focus is achieved by sliding the internal box forward and backward.

The focus range is limited to roughly 3 feet to about 18 inches. It’s good for portrait, but certainly can’t focus to infinity. Mark II (once I get to that) should have a way better focusing range. I’m planning on making a pinhole lens board too.

The ground glass is just plexi, sanded with various fine grits. It’s held in place by a film holder that previously had light leaks, but now has the aluminum center cut out. The fit is tight and I ran a line of liquid nails too, just in case.

Yes, but does it take good pictures? You betcha. Here are some shots of the Legotron Mark I and the pics Norton snapped with it:


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