DRAMA: Users Reporting Facebook Blocks of G+ Invite Links

Ruh-roh, Reorge. Though Mark Zuckerberg didn’t waste a second trying out Google+ in the early weeks of beta, it seems his capacity for amicable competition doesn’t extend to letting Facebook users invite their friends to try out G+. YouTuber  posted this video of his attempts to post an invite link to Google’s social media site, which shows his posts containing the invite links (but not others) being blocked from his friends’ feeds.

Google VP Vic Gundotra asked G-Plussers if they were having similar link posting issues, noting that the “company was ‘getting reports’ from other users.” Facebook’s having none of that, though. They insist that their people “could not duplicate the same problem as depicted in the video” and suggest instead that the invite posts are being pulled down by their spam-prevention display filtering technology, which blocks users from sharing the same content multiple times. (It’s not working on those shoes salesmen, Fb.)

That said, another theory posits that the effect is a smear tactic from the Google front–users are reporting mixed results on Gundotra’s post, but CNET insists that the problem isn’t being replicated at their end, either.

What say you, Geeks–spam-blocking coincidence or subterfuge? And if so, from which side?



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  1. I've seen plenty of G+ invitations come through my Facebook feed. It seems like G+ is trying to get people to think of them as "the social media site that Facebook doesn't want you to know about".

  2. I just tested out copy/pasting the G+ invite link into my FB account and I can see it from other accounts just fine.

  3. Mixed. I've been blocked in the early phases of G+, but not anymore. I believe in innocent until proven guilty so it could have just been a spam issue or maybe it was a beta testing issue.

  4. What a great way to get people to share G+ invites to their facebook friends. "Hey, did you see that this is happening?" "No way, let me try by spreading G+ to my whole facebook feed!"

  5. I've posted the link before, but none of my friends clicked it (all the invites I had sent out prior to posting the link were accepted, and I had no new circle additions).
    I just posted it again, with a request for comment or like, just so I know if it's showing up or not. I'll post the results.

  6. I noticed something similar to what the YouTuber posted. In my case, the link did not disappear entirely – if a user clicked on my name to see my profile, the link would still show up there. It simply did not appear in any general feeds. Nobody clicked the link as far as I can tell. I don't use Facebook enough to really care or be bothered to experiment further though.

  7. What facebook hasn't quite understood is the more you try and contain and control something the more people will revolt and be more determined, google on the other hand does the opposite.

  8. I merely posted a link to G+ on Facebook yesterday (ya know, "jus' for teh lulz") and the feed got deleted within minutes. That was priceless.

    BTW, I'm mostly on G+ these days since my company firewall still isn't blocking it (and I suppose it won't, since it would have to block Google altogether) whereas FB is blocked.

  9. I would at first doubt of it. But… I do have a Page on facebook, which I'm finding myself a bit too much stupid while I try to promote it… let's say that a couple of weeks ago, as I was the one and only administrating the thing, my invitations to connect with my page stoped to have an effect, as I saw that similar procedures would work fine for other people to get more connections to theirs pages… meanwhile, I use an iframe landing page with no autoplay stuff… repeat: zero! So, add a new administrator, one thing that happened right away, on my browser, as I wasn't able to se the Iframe contents… if I'd logout and he'd log in and try to open the html iframe window he would be able to see it… if he'd log out and I log in, I wouldn't see it again… can someone explain? Second, to that same page add a new administrator, this turn me, but with no FB profile, mean just an email I use in other occasions… I'm able to work with all the contents as my other college, but still we're facing the same problem when it comes to promote the page… So that's the reason I say, facebook has control over whatever they want, the way they want!

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