On the Calves of Women, Inked Cthulhu Lies Waiting [Pic]

All tattoos come with a story, or so I’m told. This one’s no Lovecraft, but it’ll do.

Cthulhu Tattoo: A True Story

The characters:

Me: middle aged mama who loves tattoos

Basia: 20-something co-worker and friend, also loves tattoos, and has lots of artistic talent

Zuey: Young, up-and-coming tattoo artist

The scene:

One day at work, Basia and I were bored. And I mean BORED.

Basia: “Steph, what time is it”

Me: “a minute and a half later than it was the last time you asked”

Basia: “I have nothing to work on right now…give me an idea to draw until the next work project comes along”

Me: “OK. I’ve always wanted a tattoo of Cthulhu. But I don’t want it overly dark and menacing. I want him cute and cuddly. With a teddy bear. Or maybe a lollipop.”

(Basia goes skipping to her desk. Time passes)

Basia: (handing me a piece of paper) “like this?”


Basia: “SQUEE”

In unison: “SQUEE”

(time passes)

Me and Basia: Pay a visit to MT Tattoos in Redwood City. Show picture to Zuey Callero.

Zuey: “SQUEE”


Basia: “SQUEE”

In unison: “SQUEE”

(fast forward to 8/12/11)

Finally got in and sat for my tattoo. Leg sore. Tired as hell. But I love it :)

Check out MT Tattoos in Redwood City, CA. I’ve been tattooed by Jesus, Matt and now Zuey. :)

You can follow Steph on tumblr.


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