Shifting Bike Gears with Your Mind [Video]

Still shifting your bike gears with your thumbs? How archaic.

Toyota collaborated with bicycle-maker Parlee Cycles to create the world’s first mind-reading bicycle. That’s right – a bike that can read your mind so you can change gears simply by thinking about it.


2 Responses to Shifting Bike Gears with Your Mind [Video]

  1. Interesting, but completely impractical, assuming it even actually works. If you are going to go electronic shifter, you can just make it a light touch to shift if you really want, but there's still no need for it. Not to mention, I don't see anything even remotely like a prius in the design.

    If you want to make a prius bike, don't make a racing bike, make a town bike, internally geared and with chain guards, but light materials. Add an electric assist, and use that in combination with the internally geared hub (which can be shifted down at a stop) to measure torque/rev and create a true automatic transmission using the electronic shifter. Oh, and use hub dynamos to charge (kinda) the electric assist during daylight hours instead of your lights. Practical, and entirely within the prius spirit (including being overpriced for minimal real world gains, and catering to lazy lifestyle :P ).

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