The Spaceship Has Landed: Images of Apple’s Cupertino Campus

If you’ve been losing sleep over the “spaceship campus” Steve Jobs announced back in June, grab a pillow and take a nap because your wait is over. Apple released architectural renderings, floor plans and site info for the combination office/R&D/corporate facilities build. You can see all the info on the site.

• Introduction
• Site Plan and Landscaping
• Floor Plans
• Renderings

I’ve never owned a Mac and my phone runs Android, but no one’s offered to let me work in a spaceship before, either. Let’s just say there’s room to negotiate, here.



5 Responses to The Spaceship Has Landed: Images of Apple’s Cupertino Campus

  1. Looks suspiciously like something the third reich debuted in their "city of the future" for their "thousand years" Yes I'm not impressed by Apple. They are a cancer on the tech industry for various, hopefully obvious reasons.

  2. Looks like Apple is taking a page from the U.S. Federal Government's hand book; specifically the chapter on the creation of the pentagon.
    "circular" buildings (or in the Pentagon's case, Pentagonal) allow for fast movement from one office to another for workers, as you're never more than 1/2 of the length of the building away from your destination – and in good weather, you can cut across the middle, further shaving time and energy.

  3. That's no spaceship!

    That's a bloody Ori super gate! Finally the firm proof needed that apple are really a group of religious fanatics trying to force everyone to submit to their beliefs!

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