30 Years of the PC: an Infographic Timeline

PC Mag is celebrating the PC’s third decade (and the 30th year of its own publication, too) with an illustrated history of the technology and magazine, including notable names, hardware and benchmarks along the way.

Follow along with our timeline as we point out a few of the important folks, products, and waystations in this journey through technology over the past 30 years. And if you’re suitably intrigued, we have an even more extensive timeline for you to check out.



7 Responses to 30 Years of the PC: an Infographic Timeline

  1. Why am I not at all surprised by how totally American-biased this is…

    It marks-out every American web development, but doesn't acknowledge the actual invention of the WWW by (the British) Tim Burners-Lee.

    If you're gonna do history, include everything relevant, or just don't bother…

  2. For PC industry, the 80386 (first PC 32 bit) was a greater hit than any other. In fact actual processors are still 80386 compatible.

    There is a lot of missing data here, and too much MAC-oriented

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