Want? Giant iPhone 4 Table [Video]

File this under Cool But Completely Unnecessary: The iTableous is a computer and display built into a table-sized reproduction of the elusive iPhone 4. It’s not touch-sensitive, so you can play solitaire or eat Cheetos right on top while controlling it with a keyboard and mouse. Because that’s awesome(?)!

[Engadget via DVICE]


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  1. Microsoft did it first with the Microsoft Surface.. (at least before this.. correct me if there was something BEFORE that) these things seem way overpriced for what they do and the stuff they have in them. Surface costs $10,000 last time I checked.

  2. When the first iPad came out, my teacher brought it in one day for our 5 person computer science class. We played some marbled game but it was only for four players. He said, "Good thing Nate's gone today, it can only play with four people!" I said, "Yeah, but wait until there's the iTable."

    So it finally came true. Kind of.

  3. its just a crappy fake visual enhancement, nothing else.. why would you want to control iOSLikeFakeThingy with a keyboard? and really, what good is it except being an exeptionally big screeny horizontal thing?


  4. Only thing I could see using it for would be having maps and stuff on it for RPGs (the live kind). Other than that. Why?

  5. My friend is working on one of these but using touch screen technology but instead of a normal table it will be a coffee sized NES touch screen controller. THAT is what I want.

  6. STOP BREATHING SO HARD! Its so hard to watch this when the guy doesnt know how to film worth shit and all I can hear is him breathing!

  7. MY dad and I agree, useless. It would be neat if it was a touchscreen were you could do your work right on the screen, without the use of the keyboard or mouse; however the way it is now is just a TV or Monitor as a table. Silly in my mind.

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