Unleash the Demons with the Demon Cam iPhone App

I can’t believe someone went through the trouble of making such an elaborate promo video for a simple iPhone app!

Demon Cam™ allows you to record a personalized VIDEO of anyone and transform them into a shocking Demon!

[Demon Cam]


10 Responses to Unleash the Demons with the Demon Cam iPhone App

  1. Omg I really digged that video. Thanks for sharing.
    I actually now bought the app and I'm really liking the results.
    I'm having a blast with it. :D

  2. This would be amazing. VideoCopilot make some awesome effects, and now I know what this secret project was.
    They spent ages making this, and I think it has to have been worth it. 'cause I want that app now xD

  3. Wow… I guess the sole scene where the orb breaks must have costed twice what they payed the girls to do the magic fight scene

    • No. That happened to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Why the hell would they waste so much money on such a stupid application?

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