Google+ Games Are a Go

One of the most distinct differences between Facebook and Google+ thus far has been the absence of in-platform games. On Facebook, those who don’t play Farmville and the like can be bombarded with invites and requests faster than they can click Block. For this reason, Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra’s announcement that games for Google+ will roll out today had a few people groaning in dismay. But, never fear, Geeks: G+ is handling the games content with the same “it’s there if you want it, not if you don’t” attitude that applies to all G+ interactions by giving Games its own tab.

The new Games tab houses featured games as well as updates from game-playing people in your circles. Separating the gaming updates from your standard-issue “look at my lunch/cat/animated gif” content will definitely be the thing that keeps G+ users happy with the platform, while those who couldn’t bear to part with their Flash gambling fix will find something new to like about Google’s burgeoning media empire.

Good news for developers, too:

If you’re a developer of games, you can head over to Google’s already created [Google+ Developers Submission Form] You’ll also be able to follow along with developer news at The full gaming platform will be gradually rolled out to users starting today.


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  1. I kind of feel skeptical of this. It always starts off as unobtrusive, but the next thing I know I end up having my wall flooded with invite spam. I really do hope they can keep this from happening because, it destroyed MySpace and Facebook is not faring well because of it (too many games asking for full control privileges which compromises both security and increases the spam). So I'm hoping the 3rd time is a charm and that Google will have a handle on this.

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