Religious People are Nerds [Video]

CollegeHumor takes a funny look at some of the reasons why religious people are nerds. Check it out!



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  1. *****SIGH*****

    See, it's stuff like this that gives us a bad name. Sure, there are plenty of folks who are extremely nerdy about their religion, I'm not arguing that, but most of us don't try to shove it down your throat, because we know that's not going to be the best way to get someone to at least take a look at it.

    Now, I'm not trying to say my church has it all together, but we do have a chunk of it. First off, we don't really think of ourselves as "christians", since that name has gotten a bit of a "bad rap" lately; instead, we call ourselves Followers of Christ. Also, we are committed to doing anything short of sin to bring people to Him.

    Finally, we don't like to call Christianity a "religion", since a religion is defined as "an institutionalized system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine". In other words, while many churchs are all about the rules(don't eat this, only do that, never do the other), we're much less formal; instead of "having religion", we strive to have an actual, honest relationship with the One True God.

    Now, I know, I'm probably going to get calls of "flamebait" and the like, but honestly? I don't care. I'm sharing what I believe to be true, and now, it's out of my hands. The ball's in your court, now; if you want to ignore or criticize me for stating what I believe, and if that makes you feel more like a man, then fine, go ahead.

    If, however, some part of you, however big or small, might agree with me, then I would urge you to at least check out Obviously, that's my church. We are "one church with many locations". We have several campuses across the country, with more being built all the time, and we put out our experiences(or services) online, you can watch us, wherever in the world you live.

    Please, feel free to check it out. As a side note, we also don't have sermons that ramble on and on and on; our senior pastor, Craig Groeschel, only speaks for about 35'40 minutes, with about 20 minutes of worship and praise songs before that. All in all, the whole experience only lasts a touch over an hour.

    Wow. You know, when i started writing this, I totally did not mean to make it this long. I guess I'm probably coming across as one of those religious nerds, now, huh?

    • Yeah, I think you missed the point. "Want to watch the game after I get home from church." (clearly religious, not making a big deal of it) vs. what you just wrote, more or less.

    • First off. If you truly believe in God, you would put him higher than anything else. The first commandment says NOT to idolize anything on Earth, between the Earth and the Heavens(Universe) nor in Heaven itself, but God.

      Having faith in God, is not a "nerdy" Hobby. It is an belief that there is an Ultimate truth, an ultimate moral law, and that God is the only, and the highest God.

      I'm appalled how you "Christians" claim you believe in God, yet you do EVERYTHING you're NOT supposed to.
      Either you do as God commanded, down to the narrow bit, or you give up any hope of being saved. I'm not judging you, but you should really re-consider your "faith".

      By the way. I'm Catholic.

      • Well, I actually was planning on leaving this thread alone after the less than stellar responses I got, but this one I've just got to.

        First off, where in my my post did you get the feeling I was trying to idolize something? Or is that just a pre-existing annoyance you have against Christians? I'm honestly curious; nothing I say here(unless I say otherwise) will be said in jest or mockery.

        Second, I don't think anyone called it a hobby. True, that is one of the impressions the video might leave with a person, but actually, the vid is right; religious folks are nerds.

        Finally, as a Follower of Christ, and a member of The Church, I do try to to do everything God has told us to do, and to not do everything He told us not to do. Fortunately, even if we do mess us, He is a forgiving God, so long as we truly mean it when we say we will repent, and turn away from sin.

        And, as a final statement, and this is NOT meant as a jibe, or joke, or whatever, but i have to say, when I read "…yet you do EVERYTHING you're NOT supposed to", I pretty much had you pegged as Catholic. And, again, I'm NOT making fun of your choice, that is your choice, and I completely respect it as such.

    • Exactly.

      I've always considered Nerd to be someone intelligent who just knows a lot, but lacks social skills.

      Where as a geek is obsessive about specific things and therefore know about those subjects but is otherwise no intelligent then anyone else. Also lacks social skills.

      So the term for these people mentioned in the video would be Religion Geek. Not Nerd.

  2. Yes, but the difference with nerds, and religious people is that one of those groups is fully aware that their fandom is based completely on man made fiction, while the other is convinced it is absolute fact.

    Given the choice I would choose nerd any day. At least their view of good verses evil is confound to fiction, not some framework that tries to justify what a life after death would be in such 2 dimensional terms.

    I actually believe their could be an afterlife, and thanks to my limitless imagination I can imagine far more than good vs evil to sum up existence.

    • That has got the be the Dumbest statement so far. The difference between fiction and religion, is so big, that you can't measure it up with just a single statement.

      If you follow Judaic teachings, and believe in God, you also accept that there is: A Universal Truth, a Universal Moral law, a start and an end, a meaning to everything, every event, and every happening.

  3. I had a conversation almost identical to the "Did you watch Firefly yet…? What!?!? It's so awesome… It will change your life…" I wasn't that impressed with the first episode. It might be great, but the first episode really didn't do it for me.

    The video was excellent but this was the obvious course the comments would take.

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