Amazing “The Iron Giant” Tattoo [Picture]

Ever since i was little and first saw the movie The Iron Giant i fell in love with it, i love the scenery, i love the characters, and most of all i love the giant. The movie really resonated with me, and the quote i got above the giant, “you are who you choose to be” has been a theme in my life, you can be whoever you want to be, labels do not define you, you are who you choose to be. I got my tattoo done at empire in pitman, nj, by Steve Bishov, who is AMAZING! and has done a few of my other tattoo’s as well.



4 Responses to Amazing “The Iron Giant” Tattoo [Picture]

  1. I believe that if you don't cry at some point during the Iron Giant, then you do not have a soul.

  2. Indeed, Phenomenal example of classic cartooning. And while tats aren't my style that is a good looking one and a great representation of the giant. Kudos to OP.