Jessica Rabbit Cosplay [PIC]

Caught at SDCC 2011 by our friends over @ Geeks of Doom.



33 Responses to Jessica Rabbit Cosplay [PIC]

  1. a) Jessica Rabbit does not have blond hair
    b) I'm pretty sure that's a guy
    c) Not a very appropriate cosplay for a con where children are running around.

    • a) Correct, she's a red head, just like in the picture…
      b) Pretty sure it's not
      c) Are you Muslim or something?! Have you SEEN any cosplay costumes at all?! This is so tame in comparison it's almost boring. Not that it I think they are 'not very appropriate' but if you think that's bad check out cosplay for Guilty gear Dizzy, Mortal kombat Mileena, Soul Calibur Ivy, maybe even Darkstalkers Morrigan just to name but a small handful.

      It seems to me you know nothing of what comic con is about. Difference is, people that actually go (and take their kids) do. So stop worrying about it, the kids have their own parents you don't need to try to take over.

  2. I wonder if she thinks she can just go through life riding on her tits…. even though she looks like a man.

  3. First off, that's a killer costume choice given her figure. Secondly, all I can say to a lot of folks in the comments here is… haters gonna hate.

  4. Honestly, I don't think she's bad looking. But gosh darn, if her boobs are even half as big as she's making them out to be, I honestly feel bad for her. Boobs that big are hard to manage and tend to cause lower back pain. D:

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