Geek Web Shows: Beyond The Guild

By Josie Campbell for Clicker.

When you say the words “geek web show” most people will immediately name “The Guild”- but they aren’t the only geek-culture series tearing up the internets. It’s never been a better time to fall in love with a geeky web show, starting with:

The Guild

Of course this list starts with “The Guild.” THE web series that put geek web series on the map; pull up episode one and start watching! Right now!


In the vein of sports underdog movies, “Gold” followers geeky Richard as he tries to whip together a top-notch RPG group in time to compete in the World Goblins & Gold Role Playing Game Championship (D&D anyone?).


A steampunk-fantasy-drama about a young girl and her wolf trying to piece together her broken memories while on the run from a dangerous religious cult.


From the makers of “Dorkness Rising” JourneyQuest is a comedy web series about a band of dysfunctional adventures that spend most of their time running away from adventure.

There Will Be Brawl

A parody of the Super Smash Bros. video game, this web series gives the Mario characters a dramatic twist as gritty fighters waging war against corruption and evil in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Legend of Neil

What happens when a regular Joe gets transported to Hyrule and mistaken for Link from The Legend of Zelda? This webseries!

Dragon Age: Redemption

The newest Felicia Day web series, it’s based on the EA/BioWare video game of the same name and sees Day as an elf assassin tracking down a rogue mage within the medieval fantasy world of the game.

The Crew

“The Office” meets “Star Trek “in “The Crew,” a comedy series that follows the zany, incompetent crew of the spaceship U.S. Azureas.

Hurtling Through Space at An Alarming Rate

Two goofball roommates wake up one day to find their apartment is hurtling through space at an alarming rate. This comedy web series follows their adventures as they move through space.


A dark fantasy-thriller set in Hong Kong about a young woman who discovers a handsome man in her mirror. Turns out he’s from another world, the Dark Realm- but the price for glimpsing his world may be higher than she is willing to pay!

A Good Knight’s Quest

A comedy series that follows gamer Dorian and his friend Gabriel as they accidentally get sucked into a video game. Now they have to save the beautiful princess Adrianna and her entire video-game kingdom.