Dear Valve: Please Hire this Geekette [Video]

Erin Vondrak is a seriously awesome geekette, and she wants to work for Valve. She already tried applying for a position within the company 2 times, and since no one there ever paid attention to her, she decided to try something totally new to get noticed. Check it out:



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  1. Yeah I was always told not to say anything if you had nothing nice to say… so …. I guess I am done… Oh Valve with all the great talent out there… I am sure.. .you could do better.. Sorry..

  2. Assuming the link at the beginning of the article is a link to her website, a couple of less than mediocre flash animations and some photography doesn't even enough to qualify her for a position there.

    • Pardon my double thought process, what I meant to say was that the work she's got on her site doesn't qualify her for a position there, at least according to Valve's website.

      • I guess you didn't read this, "Tell us why we need you". I think she did just that. I hope that her creativity an zeal for company stands and they hire her. She seems well rounded and talented enough to develop herself, while working for them. Stats aren't everything.

        • Nope, I've read it but maybe you didn't read the part about having 3+ years of industry experience, experience with tools such as Maya, XSI, Modo, Zbrush or Mudbox or the part about them hiring the best people. "Stats" are everything and so is your portfolio when it comes to the game industry.

        • Customer Support is a job, no? Perhaps she can start there. And, we haven't seen her resume.

        • Touche, but I suppose I should have been more specific in saying she has no work on her current website to support the notion that she should/could be hired for a design/art/programming position at Valve. Yeah, they could possibly hire her for CS, HR or even QA.

  3. I disagree her website contains signs of good drawing and design skills, she also obviously has a great imagination and sense of humour in her work. I think she could do quite well in the business, completely depends on what sort of position she is looking for though.

  4. Regardless of whatever else, the video is seriously adorable. Even if Valve doesn't take notice of this, surely there are others in the industry who might see the talents and creativity which are displayed here.

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