Awesome New [GAS] Tees: Boba Graffiti and Alien Restroom T-Shirts

Hey sexy geeks!

We have two new official Geeks are Sexy t-shirts fresh out of the press that we think you guys will absolutely fall in love with. It’s no joke, these are the best ones we’ve released so far… well… apart from that “Force be with you” one, of course! Check ’em out:

Boba Graffiti t-shirt (10% off with promo code “geeksaresexy”)

You should wait for the paint on your helmet to dry before launching head first into a sail barge, it may leave a nasty imprint of your defeat.

Alien Restroom t-shirt (10% off with promo code “geeksaresexy”)

After light-years of hyper sleep you may need some immediate relief. Ask your pilot to make a quick stop on planet LV-426, and take a look around for the familiar signage.

You can get both directly via our Splitreason store, and don’t forget, use promo code “geeksaresexy” to get 10% off your order!

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