Adrianne Curry’s (@AdrianneCurry) Publicly Indecent Aeon Flux Costume

Last time we talked about the former Mrs. Peter Brady, it was because she’d leathered-up the Imperial Officer uniform. This time, she’s playing Aeon Flux, all the way down to the nearly-nonexistent , uh, lower portions of the character’s outfit.

Just after arriving at Comic-Con on Saturday, Adrianne Curry was assked* to leave for showing a little too much skin. Butt* the model-turned-reality TV star played it cool, tying some red thing around her waist and taking tons of pics on her way out.

My prediction for the next costume, if the trend of continually smaller outfits persists, is pre-orange suspenders Leeloo Dallas.

*I’m so sorry. I’ll show myself out.



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  1. I still can't believe she got banned for that. Seriously! I've seen far more revealing bathing suits at the Six Flags Water Park. People these day. Hater's gonna hate.

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