Socializing: Then vs. Now [Pic]

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  1. I know this is supposed to be pointed social commentary but, er no. Not only does the first pic looks like an ad (or at least a professionally-shot pic with professional models depicting a situation that I doubt many people actually ever experienced) but, in reality the socializing of the past would probably have (if inside) included a TV on in the background, lots of cigarettes and probably at least a few more overweight people. If outside, it probably involved teenagers sitting around on their cars in a parking lot because they were desperate to get away from home since there was nothing to do there. (I know, I was there way back then.)

  2. There's alot going on in that first picture… Douchy white guy with guitar: Check. Gay guy: check. Token black couple: check. and look behind the blond chick; some flcl between the black dude and the asian chick. This picture is less an advertisement or patio furnature, and more a microcosm of western race and gender dynamics, pyon@_@

  3. Hm…… Maybe it depends on the age group and social circles you're in? When I socialize we either have dinner, play games, watch a movie, and/or just talk to each other. I've never actually met anyone who does what the second picture shows. But then I'm 27 and this might be a commentary on people who are in their teens or early 20s maybe? o_0

  4. Remember when socializing used to be inexplicably more ethnically diverse, and full of guitars?

    Or how they used to be in low-angle shots instead of high-angle, to promote positive feelings towards the group as a whole?

    Man, those were the days. ;p (Note that I agree with the message, but am critiquing the manner in which it is presented)

  5. As I see it this is a pointed comment related how "In the old days" we actually got together, did some sort of activity and spoke face to face. The second picture is monogendered, and could have just as easily been four guys staring into a game console. The point being made isn't fitter or fatter people, or ethnic acceptance. These two pictures were chosen by someone lamenting what they see as a growing dependence on technology for social interaction (or that technology makes certain types of rudeness acceptable), and as a further point of note the reduction of mixed gender socialization related to mate selection.

  6. I do have some friends that, no matter what they are doing, are always glued to their phone. We'll be watching a movie, look over, on the phone. Playing Risk, on their phone. Talking in person….. they'll be on their phone! Luckily it's not too many, and when they aren't on their phones they are great friends, but it's amazing how stuck we can be to a little 4 inch device nowadays.

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