Soldier in Full Plate Armor Running on a Threadmill [Video]

The official title of this video is “Limitations imposed by wearing armour on Medieval soldiers’ locomotor performance,” but to tell you frankly, I don’t really care about the scientific value of this experiment. The only reason I’m posting this is because this is probably the first and last time you’ll ever see a guy wearing full plate armor running on a threadmill. VoilĂ .

A study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B shows that soldiers carrying armour in Medieval times would have been using more than twice the amount of energy had they not been wearing it. This is the first clear experimental evidence of the limitations of wearing Medieval armour on a soldier’s performance.

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  1. i might be wrong but it's my understanding that soldiers wearing plate armor were generally mounted on horseback.

  2. yes they were, infantry had lighter armor or barely anything more than chainmaile and heavy padding, i would like to see a comparison between a modern soldier with a full loadout and a fully armed and armoured knight!

  3. How long has the subject been wearing the armour?
    What field experience does he have?
    Is he an experienced re-enacter who wheres the armor for 3-5 hours a week, then two days during the weekend, or some random guy in full plate, need more details on both the armor, and the subject before you can really judge the performance possibilities.

    • Agreed. My first thought (okay, second after 'Cool!') was that a experienced soldier would be used to carrying the weight and dealing with wearing the armour, whereas some random person would feel the effects a great deal more.

      • Absolutely! The soldiers they are talking about grew up around this stuff. They would have spent hours training in it. The would have developed the strength and stamina required to run and fight in this armor.

    • … "plate m…"

      I have enough respect for the folks on this blog to believe you did that on purpose, but I just thought you should know that your troll totally worked and I am currently nerd-raging at you. That is all.

    • Or micromail — it doesn't chafe. (Any Pratchett fans here?) No, but seriously, what a bloody stupid experiment. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that plate was not intended to walk, much less run, in. (In fact, I believe it was at the Battle of Cressy that the plate-armor-wearing French were defeated in part because the British soldiers shot their horses, which put the clunky, clanking, walking knights at a disadvantage.

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