Nail Art for Super Fans [Pics]

OK, so these are a bit dagger-like for my taste–I can’t type with those!–but I’m in love enough with the idea to try this out on my own (considerably shorter) nails.

This hand belongs to redditor Sweet_Acid, who says she had to redo Aquaman’s emblem “twice because they indeed look like a pair of pants.” Indeed.



6 Responses to Nail Art for Super Fans [Pics]

  1. Awesome! I like doing geeky nail art too–the last one was silver nails with 0's and 1's written in black numbers. I should try something like this–black and yellow Batman nails would be kickass.

  2. The photo on top actually belongs to a nail artist's blog from tumblr. Just the bottom photo was done by this person.

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