How Not to Operate a Water Jetpack [Video]

I’ll set the stage for you: San Diego morning show, dude with a water jetpack. Aaaand, go:

What is that?! What is that?! That, Miss Newscaster, is how not to open a segment. That said, it looks insanely fun after the guy actually gets it under control.



6 Responses to How Not to Operate a Water Jetpack [Video]

  1. OMG! That's the former CEO of my company! haha!

    ( It seems that the smarmy reporter accidentally threw the kill switch as he was taking off)

  2. Apparently you have to jump in the water to start it off.
    This has been around commercially for a few years.
    I don't know what's more annoying either them over reacting or the very dense news lady asking "what is that?" 4 or times.
    News people are quite ignorant to what's going on in the word.

    Real geeks should be doing the news because we know about what's happening every minute than they do in an entire year.

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