Crazy Steampunk Cosplay Has Built-In Bar [Gallery]

Every single day I am impressed by people who read Geeks Are Sexy. You ladies and gents are insanely creative/funny/smart/otherwise awesome. I can’t get over it.

These pics landed in my inbox recently from one Joshua Hart. At first blush, I thought, “Oooh, nice steampunk.” But then I read the explanation of said nice steampunk, and after I lifted my jaw from the floor I caught a pneumatic tube and shot over here to tell you all about it. I’ll let Joshua explain:

Meet Joshua Hart’s alter ego, the Baron,  Baron bon Bar. This is the Alice line of products that I make, Alcoholic libation inebriation cavorting equipment.  In my hands is the Shot gun, on my belt is a full bar, with 8 types of alcoholic beverage and mixers in the bandoleer and on my back is the ever popular triple A, the autonomous alcoholic apparatus, also affectionately know as the BarBac.  This device carries 2 gallons of Liquor that pumps out to a glove on my hand.  Its all fully functional and I can carry over 4 gallons of booze on a good night.

On top of being ridiculously awesome, the shots he sent are also top-notch. Well done, sir, and thank you.


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