OMG WANT: Jetlev r200 Water-Powered Jet Pack [New Video]

We’ve posted a short video featuring this water-powered jet pack a few years ago, but we haven’t heard of anyone trying one since then. Now, thanks to Translogic’s Bradley Hasemeyer, you’ll actually see a common human being using the thing, and proving that driving one isn’t really all that difficult. Check it out:



4 Responses to OMG WANT: Jetlev r200 Water-Powered Jet Pack [New Video]

  1. This piece of junk is getting really, really old. The developers have been trying to hype a stupid device that makes no sense at all. Want it simpler, get a regular jet pack and add a fuel hose, for unlimited flight time and at less risk to passer bys.
    I dare say being on the receiving end of the water nozzles regardless of likely distance would not be fun or safe.

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