Epic Vintage Jetskiing Superheroes Photo

This picture was taken during the mid 1970s at Sea World, in Orlando, Florida.

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  1. They are not "Jetskying". That is not a word, or close to a word. When the picture was taken, Jet Ski's did not exist, children. They are waterskiing.

    I also disbelieve that this was taken at Sea World. Sea World Orlando did not open until 1973, and lake sports were not well developed until the 1990's with the addition of the lakeside stadium.

    The Flying Pyramid shown above is the hallmark of only one famous institution. This feat is the hallmark of Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL. TTBOMK, all images of the Flying Pyramid, including e.g. the cover of the Go-Go's "Vacation" album, were taken at the park. After over 40 years, the park's water-ski show has disbanded. Later this year the park will reopen as Legoland, FL.

    Don't hate – if you're posting to geeks, you have to expect this sort of correction.

  2. That particular supergirl I believe was around in the 70s. Plus, both Jason Todd and Richard Grayson wore the skimpy shorts as Robin. It wasn't until later on in the late 80s and early 90s that Tim Drake showed up and started wearing the longer pants as Robin.

    I am pulling all of this from my memory though so I could very well be wrong. In any event if the picture was taken more recent then the 70s then they went out of the way to wear retro style costumes for the characters.

  3. Sea World publicity photo. The Superhero show originated in the Ohio Park, then came to Florida in the mid/late 70's. My husband was one of the announcers in the show; our best friend did both the original show in Ohio and the Lead Announcer in Florida. It is NOT Cypress Gardens' pyramid – SW of FL & OH both did quite amazing pyramid skiing.

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